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Introduction - Visit the Monsopiad Cultural Village

Learn everything you always wanted to know about headhunting!

The Monsopiad Cultural Village was opened in 1996, in memory of the great Kadazan Warrior and headhunter Monsopiad. The traditional village on the banks of the scenic Moyog River is a historical site, and the only cultural village in Sabah. It was built on the very land where Monsopiad lived and roamed some three centuries ago.

The village offers a vibrant and interactive insight into the daily life of the biggest ethnic entity in Sabah, the Kadazan-Dusun, and traditional dances and music are being performed on a daily basis - the Monsopiad Cultural Village is a living museum.

Take a step back into the past, to the days of headhunting and spirit worship, to the days when the Bobohizans, the female high priestesses of the Kadazan, ruled the villages and took care of the health and spiritual well-being of their people.

The direct descendants of Monsopiad run the village, and so vivid are their stories that one can feel the presence of the long gone warrior. Visitors will be brought to their house, where they take care of Monsopiad's Headhunting Trophies.

More than being a museum, the concept of the Monsopiad Cultural Village is to document, revive and keep alive the culture and traditions, as well as the believes of the Kadazan people.

The cultural village is a private enterprise, and your visit contributes directly to the conservation of one of Malaysia's rich, traditional and cultural heritage.

The cultural village is open daily from 9 am to 6 pm daily
(last regular admission show and tour: 4 pm)

Guided Tour        10.00 am
Cultural Dances   11.00 am
Guided Tour        12.00 noon
Cultural Dances   2.00 pm
Guided Tour        3.00 pm
Cultural Dances   4.00 pm
Last Guided Tour 5.00 pm

Entrance Fee includes:

Welcome Drink (local rice-wine);
Guided Tour;
House of Skulls;
Current Exhibitions;
Traditional Dances;
Taking Part in the Dances;
Blow Pipe Shooting;
Try the betel nut;

Saturday, we serve hinava (a traditional, delicious Kadazan fresh fish pickle).

Contact us to-day for enquiries / group rates and other packages:




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